mehmt fatih yıldız

I have managed one of the development agency (Ahiler Development Agency) in Central Anatolia (Aksaray, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Nevşehir and Niğde provinces) for 3 and half years managing 37 staff in different sectors on regional development. Basicaly, regional development Works are caried out in oartnership with NGOs, SMEs, public institutions etc. I worked for the CFCU (EU Central finance and Contracts Unit) from 2005 to 2012 for 7 years. I have more than 10 years of experiences in grant management and technical assistant team service contracts covering all aspetcs such as pereparation of tender documents, call for proposals (guidelines for grant applicants, special conditions, general conditions etc), evaluation of proposals, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the field, financial checks and reporting. I have also worked in GAP RDA (GAP Regional Development Administration) for 7 years in the GAP Region (South Eastern Anatolian Region ) on regional development sector where rural and urban planning, socio-cultural activities, income generation activities etc. were part of my job.